China Material Stocks and Flows Data: 1978-2018

Datasets Apr 08, 2021

We develop a Provincial Material Stocks and Flows (PMSF) model and present the Provincial Material Stocks and Flows Database (PMSFD) for China and its 31 provinces. This dataset describes material inputs, stocks accumulation, and end-of-life outflows in terms of 13 materials, including steel, aluminium, copper, rubber, plastic, glass, lime, asphalt, sand, gravel, brick, cement, and wood. The spatial scales and timeframes range from sectors, provinces to nation and 1978 to 2018. PMSFD contains 100,000+ data records with consistent system boundaries, data sources, modelling approaches, assumptions on missing data, and product categories. PMSFD offers a comprehensive basis and can be used to accumulate, structure, and enhance in the future. PMSFD facilitates an in-depth understanding of materials use and management, which are one of the key goals of sustainability science.

Spatial distribution of copper in-use stocks and flows in China: 1978–2016
Mapping provincial steel stocks and flows in China: 1978–2050
Regional disparities in decoupling economic growth and steel stocks: Forty years of provincial evidence in China