Urban mining assessment of copper, iron, and aluminum in Fujian Province

Min Hao, Lulu Song, Min Dai, Yupeng Liu, Tao Dai, Wei-Qiang Chen

Resources & Industries. https://kns.cnki.net/kcms/detail/11.5426.TD.20201126.1522.016.html

Urban ores refer to the recyclable secondary resource, its stock is significant to mitigate resource pressure and promote circular economy. This paper uses an up-to-down way to calculate the stock of copper, iron and aluminum in Fujian province during 1978 to 2016. The stocks of copper, iron and aluminum had increased by 10, 15 and 22 times, respectively, equivalent to2.4, 290, and 7.4 million tons. In 2016, average stock per person of copper, iron and aluminum is 58kg,7. 6t and 191 kg,far below the developed nations. Their sources indicate that infrastructure contribute to copper stock at most, up to 62%,most from electronic lines, construction contribute to iron and aluminum up to 80% and 40%,most from residence constructions. This research also sets up a long term stock database of copper, iron and aluminum for Fujian province, which is used to analyze their stock size, increment mode, category and department. This paper provides data support for Fujian to develop and use urban ores, and offers references for provincial or city management of copper, iron and aluminum resources.